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As that still popular oldie rhythm goes: “nothing could be finer than to be (naked) in Carolina.”  Welcome to Part I-H of Spanking FIT‘s “International Nude Beach Evaluation” where we present the results of our exploration and evaluation of  naturist opportunities in the U.S. States of North and South Carolina. Previously, in Parts IF & G, we examined the nude beaches of nearby U.S. “sunshine state” Florida, including the legally sanctioned Haulover Park Beach close to Miami. We recommend that on your way to the Carolinas you drive up north from Haulover  along the Atlantic coast on scenic I-95.  The total distance is about 621 miles (1,000 km.)  and takes approximately ten hours by car.

Carolina facts


The fascinating story of the Carolinas includes elements of African slavery and its white counterpart of indentured servitude. Indentured servants are, in fact, believed by some historians to be the largest immigrant group having arrived before the time of the American Revolutionary war.  It is  shameful that the war did little to free them and that many of the current residents of those states- “black”, “white”, and “other”, are their descendants. A throwback to that era were the infamous chain gangs exposed world wide by R. Burns in the 1932 novel : “I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang“. The chain gangs lingered in South Carolina until 1974.

Needless to say, the southern states of  North and South Carolina, which belong to the so-called U.S. “Bible Belt“, are still among the most socially conservative in the U.S.A.. It has been estimated that over 40% of the residents are “evangelical Christians” (“RLS report, 2-22, indd”,, May 23, 2016.). Not surprisingly, their elected officials take a dim view toward “public nudity”, even if discretely done.

In fact, the state of North Carolina regards any form of public nudity as “indecent exposure” and a class 2 misdemeanor. Being nude in front of minors makes it a felony! (Strangely, strip clubs are exempted from the law.) South Carolina law is equally harsh. It’s a  fact that being naked in public in the Carolinas is even more dangerous than being naked in Mexico! (See: “Dangerously Naked- Nude Beaches of Mexico“, Spanking FIT,  April 2016.)

Don’t get me wrong! In general, Carolinians are a warm, gentle, and friendly people, as long as you are clothed.

It’s an unfortunate fact that despite being host to beautiful Atlantic beaches, there is no opportunity in the Carolinas to sunbathe au natural by the sea. In other words, there are no legally sanctioned nude beaches. The closest surrogate is a beautiful resort with swimming pool and pond that’s located roughly 15 miles ( 24 km.) inland from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s called Whispering Pines Nudist Resort. We begin with our evaluation of it:

Whispering Pines Nudist Resort (W.P.N.R.), Ocean Isle Beach, N. Carolina


W.P.N.R. is a 33 acre resort and campground located in a peaceful woodland setting on private property . The property contains a one acre pond for those who enjoy wet nudity. Its G.P.S. coordinates are 33.9763 North & 78.4975 West. The closest major city is Wilmington which is also in the state of N. Carolina. Here’s how Spanking FIT rated it in categories of health, safety, and enjoy-ability:

Health (B)

During our visit in early May, we found the facilities to be clean and well-maintained. This observation applied to clubhouse, pool, and hot tub areas. Since we were there as day guests only, we did not have the opportunity to closely examine R.V. and tent campsites.

Because of our selected time frame, mosquitoes were not yet a serious problem. We were informed that a wide variety of them are abundantly present during the summer months of July and August. The N. Carolina public health department at recommends taking precautions including using D.E.E.T. or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.  (Honestly, Spanking FIT has not yet had an opportunity to seriously study the safety of either product to humans and, therefore, reserves judgement regarding them.) Diseases which have been associated with Carolina mosquitoes include West Nile, Encephalitis (human and equine), Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya, the latter being especially dangerous to the very young and the elderly. There was also an absence of flies and other flying pests on the premises.

We noted that the resort requires that visitors use a towel when seated.  This also enhances hygiene.

Safety (B-)

No crime statistics specifically on W.P.N.R. are available online. However, according to which is regarded as a reputable source of municipal information, Ocean Isle Beach where the resort is located  has a higher crime rate than the U.S. national average. However, the majority of crimes reported there are of a non-violent nature.

Regarding possible victimization by local law enforcement: despite  harsh N. Carolina anti-nudity law, W.P.N.R.’s owner, Mr. John Frick, assured me that the resort is “a legal, tax-paying nudist resort” and that “inside our gate it is legal to be nude as long as you are over 18.” John’s assurances temporarily comforted us.

Enjoy-ability (A)


Frequent travelers may occasionally encounter establishments having dress code. However, it is very unlikely that you will encounter one like W.P.N.R. with a strict undress code. At W.P.N.R., nudity is mandatory at the pool and the hot tub, and all visitors at the club house must be properly unattired-either naked completely  or wearing a shirt only; i.e., no pants allowed! Their policy has caused some naturists to jokingly refer to W.P.NR. as a “nudist concentration camp”.  Management here is known to inspect body piercings to make sure that they’re in “good taste’; and, heaven forbid that you should swear at your husband or wife because no cussing is allowed at W.P.N.R. Nevertheless, we found participants and management extremely friendly and the atmosphere lively. Lucky for us “loners”, there’s plenty of opportunity here to go off on a private nudist retreat owing to W.P.N.R.’s unusual size (33acres).

W.P.N.R. also offers abundant opportunity for those looking to socialize with their fellow naturists. Some of the activities are even  out of the ordinary.  On top of the usual naked horse shoes, shuffle board, and volleyball, there’s naked “pig pickings“.  The latter activity refers to special parties in which a whole hog is barbecued. In this event, the hog and the party goers were all nude.

Frankly speaking, Spanking FIT does not recommend performing strenuous physical activity in the nude.  To get a better idea of our philosophy, readers should consult either “Brassiere Science 101“, March 2015,  or  “The Jockstrap, Still Man’s Best Friend”, Oct. 2014.  It may be possible to obtain a waiver from the undress code from owner John.

Nor are we keen on combining nudity with dining especially when some of the diners have a higher body fat index (B.F.I .) than the intended dinner. Since naturists are not always fitness aficionados, W.P.N.R. guests come in various shapes and sizes. Regarding the so-called “eye candy” factor,  native Carolinians are descended primarily from English and Irish immigrants and have a tendency to be fair-skinned (Type I & II Fitzpatrick skin tone). The young among them possess a wholesome beauty which, unfortunately, fades rapidly with age.  Readers be warned that W.P.N.R. also has a strict “no staring ” policy.

Regarding the weather, temperatures range from highs of 74 deg. F. ( 23 deg. C.) and lows of 52 deg F. ( 11 deg. C.) during the resort’s opening full season of April, and from highs of 84 deg F. ( 29 deg. C.) and lows of 66 deg F. ( 19 deg. C.) during the final month of September. This makes it comfortable for visitors to stay in the required state of undress. However, please be advised that N. Carolina summer weather can be fickle and there is always a possibility of a hurricane or a severe storm. Stay flexible regarding your time frame for visiting.

In summary, W.P.N.R. makes it possible to enjoy the health and medical benefits of nude sun bathing in a clean, comfortable, and pleasant environment, in our opinion.

Bar-s-ranch (B.S.R.), Reidsville, N. Carolina


B.S.R. is a 300 acre nudist resort surrounded by foliage that contains a seven acre lake. This makes it perfect for sunbathing nude. The closest city is Greensboro and its G.P.S. coordinates are 36.2819 N, 79.8018 W.  It was a cattle ranch in its former life. Today it is jokingly referred to by the locals as “bare ass ranch”.  Believe me it lives up to its reputation. Here’s how we rated it:

Health (B)

Like its twin W.P.N.R., B.S.R. is clean and well-maintained. That observation applied to club house, pool, bathroom, and showers. Since our visit to B.S.R. was around same time of the year as to W.P.N.R. (early May), North Carolina’s mosquito season had not yet kicked in. Pesky deer and horse flies were also at a minimum. The resort’s “no pets” policy helps contribute to cleanliness.

Safety (B-)

Once again, there are no crime statistics available online specifically for B.S.R. According to, both property crime and violent crime are above the national average in neighboring Reidsville. Rapes are about average.

Regarding the possibility of becoming entangled in a N. Carolina law enforcement sweep, we were advised by the “owner” Lynn that: Bar-s has been a “landed nudist resort” for 28 consecutive years and has “never had an “issue” with the local authorities. For some reason, Bar-s bars young naturists under 21 years of age.

Enjoy-ability (A)

Like W.P.N.R., B.S.R. also maintains a strict undress code. Barring inclement weather, nudity is mandatory. The resort makes a point of distinguishing itself from a “clothing optional” establishment. However, any public “sexual behavior” is grounds for expulsion. B.S.R. also offers nude hiking, biking, and golf. There’s also the “three P’s” of naked ping-pong, pool parties, and pot-luck. The previously noted seven acre lake is just perfect for “laying” out and “catching some rays”.  You may observe naked fishermen there fishing for bass and bream.   Should you wish to take shelter from the blazing summer sun, the ranch has a king-sized gazebo for that purpose.

B.S.R. is open to members year-long, and open to visitors like us on the weekends beginning in May. Those wishing to stay over have the honor of booking one of three cabins: “the white house” ($40 per night),”the tree house” ($60 per night), or the “the blue house” ($60 per night). Early May is, in our opinion, the best time of the year to visit. You can expect daily highs in the low 70’s F. ( low 20’s C.) and daily lows of around 50 F. ( 10 C.).

Carolina Foothills Resort (C.F.R.), Chesnee, S. Carolina


Nestled in the foothills of the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains, and located in the charming small town of Chesnee, is South Carolina’s premier naturist resort.  Its G.P.S. coordinates are 35.1737 N and 81.9629 W.. It is located approximately 42 miles ( 68 km.) from Greenville, South Carolina close to the North Carolina border. Here’s how we rated C.F.R.:

Health (B)

C.F.R. was clean and well-maintained when we visited. That observation applies to the swimming pool, the hot tub, bath house and the outdoor shower area. Pests were a minimum at the time. C.F.R. permits pets on the camp site only.

Safety (B-)

According to, the community of Chesnee also ranks above the U.S. national average in both property and violent crime. (No murders and only one rape reported for 2011.) However, C.F.R. does maintain a security and safety committee which consists of trusted full-fledged resort members.

Like its sister state of North Carolina, public nudity is considered indecent exposure here.  Nevertheless, no police raids have been  reported by the media.

Enjoy-ability (A)

C.F.R. has all the amenities of the previously evaluated places with the addition of nude corn-holing and naked putt-putt. The former refers to a clothed version of the game that originated in the Ohio Valley where the players take turns trying to throw a bag of feed corn into a hole bored into a raised platform. (The term later became synonymous with anal sex.) The latter activity is just a version of miniature golf, except in the nude.

Unlike many similar resorts, C.F.R. allows youngsters under the age of 18. Children under 12 must be accompanied by parents in certain areas.

C.F.R. also hosts a number of organized events: Biker’s Weekend in April for “bare-assed” bikers, Hawaiian Luau in May, Buck Creek Streak, a 5-K naked trail race every June.

For we solitude seekers, Buck Creek, included on the premises, provides the perfect opportunity to privately lay out and soak up the sun.



Despite strict anti-nudity legislation, the Carolinas offer ample opportunity to take advantage of the many health benefits that nude sunbathing offers. For readers interested in learning more about this, refer to “Nude Sunbathing- It Does a Body Good”, Spanking FIT, Aug. 2015It is a pity that currently no opportunity presently exists in either state to socialize and sun bathe naked at any of the beautiful coastal beaches including Myrtle.  Hopefully, as the educational mode of  inhabitants changes, acceptance of the naked human body will transpire . In the meantime, it’s that “old time religion” that reigns in the Carolinas. I look forward to receiving your feedback on our review of the Carolinas or on any of our other nude beach evaluations including “Skinny Dipping in the Southern U.S.A.”, July 2016, which includes Texas and Mississippi, or on “Dangerously Naked- Nude Beaches of Mexico“, April 2016.  Thanks as always. Sincerely,  Dr. Garrett

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