International Nude Beach Evaluation (Part I-B)

Nude Beaches of the Pacific Northwest

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In Part IA,  Spanking FIT evaluated those nude beaches  of western North America which are specifically located in the “sunshine state” of California. In our current segment, we move to the Pacific Northwest and evaluate nude beaches located in the U.S. state of Oregon, and the Canadian province of British Columbia including world famous Wreck Beach, Canada. Unlike California beaches, these beaches are legally sanctioned for nude usage; consequently, safety and enjoyment are enhanced barring the weather. Again, each beach was evaluated in the categories of health, safety, and enjoy-ability.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the abundant health benefits of nude sunbathing, please read: “Nude Sunbathing- It Does a Body Good!“; Spanking FIT, Aug. 2015. They include prevention of osteoporosis and potentially certain forms of cancer. Back to our present evaluation. In the health category, the evaluation includes beach cleanliness, water cleanliness, and the absence of parasites such as mosquitoes and sand flies. Safety primarily includes the risk of becoming a crime victim.  Since beach nudity is legally sanctioned, there is less chance of encountering difficulties with law enforcement. Enjoy-ability includes factors such as the weather, the absence of “gawkers”, and  sociability of nude beach participants. We  also included participant physical fitness levels and the so-called “eye candy” factor.  Our evaluation begins with Oregon’s largest legally nude beach,  Collins Beach, which is located on beautiful Sauvie Island.

Collin’s Beach (Oregon, U.S.A.)


Located right in the middle of a twelve acre wildlife refuge and on the banks of the mighty Columbia River, you will partake of breathtaking scenic views, in addition to comfortably enjoying total nudity. Just make sure that you’re on the one mile-long white sandy stretch that’s “legally nude” before you strip-down! Here’s how  Collin’s rates, in our opinion:

Health (“B”):

Despite heavy traffic, especially on warm summer weekends, Collins is usually relatively clean thanks to administrative work performed by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department (O.F. & B.). Oregonians, in general, tend to be clean, community-minded people, and that certainly is another factor contributing to beach cleanliness. Nevertheless, there are limited  restroom facilities here with some complaints of excessive trash on the beach. ( Recent installation of trash cans by O.F. & B. has helped alleviate, but not eliminate, the problem.) A positive feature health-wise is the existence of both shady and sunny areas. This makes it possible for both female and male beach-goers to achieve their daily quota of Vitamin D naturally  without risking serious sunburn.  (Please see: “Male with Low T? Try Nude Sunbathing!” ; Spanking FIT,  Dec. 2015, for more on this.) On the down side, it is inadvisable to go swimming here due to pollution problems with the Columbia River. This, however, doesn’t prevent many beach goers from doing so.  Also, there are occasional mosquito problems at Collins.

Safety (“A-“):

Since Collins has a legally nude section, there is little chance of being cited, provided you’re in the right section. There can be sexual activity occurring on its secluded trails which you may wish to avoid from a safety perspective. (Hotels and motels tend to be quite reasonably priced even in the summer months here.) Few reports of break-ins at the parking lot. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Dept. patrols occasionally.

Enjoy-ability (“A”):

Collin’s Beach is located in northern Oregon with its warm and friendly population. This usually provides for an enjoyable nude beach experience.  The main drawback  is that, generally, the beach is  usable during the Summer and early Fall months only. The Pacific Northwest has a cool and rainy climate most of the year.  The local Oregon residents do possess a wholesome beauty which contributes to the “eye candy” factor. ( Generally Irish, German mixtures with a bit of Native American influence.) Physical fitness levels vary. There have  been concerns about the presence of  clothed “gawkers”; but, it’s possible even on busy days to get away by finding a secluded spot. A day at Collins may also be combined with other enjoyable Sauvie Island activities such as hiking, biking, visits to farmers’ markets, pumpkin patches (season & weather permitting), organic fruit picking, etc.. Overall, your Collins Beach, Sauvie Island nude beach experience should be an enjoyable and a memorable one.


 Wreck Beach (British Columbia, Canada)


Located as the above sign says in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and adjacent to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Wreck is North America’s largest nude beach (The clothing optional section is reportedly 6.7 km. long. We didn’t measure it.).  Expect panoramic views including a rain forest backdrop and spectacular ocean sunsets. Here’s how Wreck rates:

Health (“B+”):

Due to its close proximity to downtown Vancouver, a city that has been recently growing rapidly, Wreck Beach experiences crowds during the summer season often resulting in problems with trash. (Be especially careful about walking barefoot. Some beach-goers have encountered sharp objects in the sand.) Water quality is monitored regularly, and the low recorded water levels of e-coli bacteria place the beach in the “safe-for-swimming” category.  Rest facilities are located on the beach itself, and there have been very few reports of annoying pests such as mosquitoes and flies.

Safety (“B+”):

Like its Oregon counterpart down south, Wreck enjoys legal nude beach status, so there is little chance of encountering problems with law enforcement here. The beach is patrolled officially by the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) which often makes its presence felt during summer months. Nevertheless, there are the usual concerns regarding sexual activity in the bushes, drunken brawls, and even drugs trafficking. “Gawking” also occurs. An ironic  legal battle is presently unfolding in the Canadian courts regarding beach voyeurism, and whether or not those who take photographs of nudists are guilty of violating Canadian “invasion of privacy” laws. So far, Canadian courts seem to be ruling on the side of the voyeurs. It is evident from this that the Canadian attitude towards beach nudity is far ahead of other cultures, including the Americans.


Enjoy-ability (“A”):

Wreck is situated at the bottom of a steep cliff, so be prepared to do considerable stair climbing at the end of the day. Naturally, this is just perfect for Spanking FIT’s exercise lovers. In addition to being North America’s largest legal nude beach, Wreck is probably its most social as well. The Wreck Beach Preservation Society regularly sponsors beach events including, Body Acceptance Day, and the Wreck Beach Bare Buns & Buns Across the Border Run.  There’s also body painting, beach massages for $1 per minute, and naked “skim boarding “activities. In contrast to the vast majority of nude beaches located elsewhere, Wreck boasts of numerous beach concessions.  Independent entrepreneurs sell everything from food, alcohol, clothing, and jewelry.  That’s right, you can even buy clothing in the nude! On the down side, there are unconfirmed reports of beach “immorality police” trying to enforce complete nudity on partially-clothed beach goers. They’re like the Taliban in-reverse!  Again, these reports are unconfirmed.  The problem with “gawkers” was mentioned previously.

Wreck Beach Tourist Picture.2

In summary, Spanking FIT highly recommends that you include Wreck Beach in your international nude beach itinerary. So does the Canadian travel bureau which was  the source of the above photo. As usual, we look forward to your comments and feedback. Please don’t forget to see Part I-A of “International Nude Beach Evaluation“, focusing on California’s healthiest nude beaches, just in case you missed it. Bon voyage! Doctor Garrett

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