Healthy Body Art (Part IV)- The Chest

Body Art- Pectoral muscles

In “Should Tattooing be Taboo?” April 2015, Spanking FIT examined the controversy surrounding modern-day tattooing practices and associated health risks. Legitimate concerns raised led us to embark on our “Healthy Body Art for the ‘Boys’ & ‘Girls’‘ series containing exercise sets designed specifically to enhance sexual attractiveness without the potential hazards of unnatural “body art” such as tattoos and piercings. Previous segments introduced simple exercises for women and men to acquire “Venus Dimples” (Part I), for enhancing the “Butt” (Part II), and for developing “Broad Shoulders (Part III).

In our current segment, Spanking FIT suggests the easiest method for women and men to enhance their chest muscles. For men, having an impressive chest is a well-known “turn on” for women. It also commands the respect and admiration of other men. Women’s chests have an almost magical influence, with the breasts playing the most significant role. Unfortunately, claims that exercise may enhance breast appearance are rather controversial, so that it was necessary for us to examine them carefully.  But first, we give a brief illustrated description of the muscles which comprise the human chest:

The Human Chest Muscles-location & function

The three principal muscles comprising the human chest are pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and serratus anterior. Their primary function is in the movement of arms and shoulders required in carrying and in lifting. In addition, pectoralis majors protect the rib cage and lungs, and the pectoralis minors and serratus anteriors  play an important role in deep inhalation. Keeping them in top physical condition carries significant health benefits. Each is illustrated below:




Can exercise enhance the appearance and shape of female breasts?


Needless to explain, female breasts play a significant role in sexual attraction. The question naturally arises as to whether or not it’s possible for women to enlarge, firm, or lift their breasts naturally with exercise. It is apparent from the illustration below, that the female breast consists primarily of fatty tissue and ligaments and contains no muscle that can be developed through exercise. A posteriori,  we may conclude that any appearance improvement of the female chest would result from development of the pectoralis majors located in back of the breasts, only.


Nonetheless, we wanted to hear what breast enhancement “experts” had to say on the subject. Our investigation began with a literature search on published scientific studies. The uncovered results pertained to either (1) breast discomfort experienced by women who exercise (see:”Brassiere Science 101 Spanking FIT March 2015) or (2) the role exercise may play in the prevention of and recovery from breast cancer. These are important research topics; but, unfortunately irrelevant to our immediate concern. In the absence of hard scientific evidence, we examined “advice” given on the internet by self-selected “experts”. “Expert” opinion fell into one of two camps: (1) experts who maintain that exercise enhances breast appearance (mainly Certified Fitness Trainers) and (2) experts who do not (primarily plastic surgeons who offer breast augmentation services and who advertise on web sites such as Clearly, both camps have a vested interest.

There’s little doubt that the exercising of chest muscles by females, in moderation, may be a healthy practice. At the very least, resulting posture improvements can yield better looks and health. My personal advice to women is to take things slowly when it comes to chest muscle exercise. Pay careful attention in the mirror to changes in your breasts and body as you proceed, and to any pain experienced with suggested chest exercise routines.  

What is the simplest and easiest way to develop your chest? Push ups!

For many, the word “push up” conjures up bad gym class memories. But, hey, you know the phrase: “No pain, no gain!” Although many trainers recommend using free weights and weight machines for chest development, the traditional push up is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to achieve impressive results in a relatively short time frame. After all, you don’t need to go to the gym to perform them.

In performing this study, Spanking FIT evaluated over one thousand exercise videos. The following two were selected for clarity and simplicity. Watch beautiful fitness trainer Dominica perform push ups in video one:

In the second video, watch our incredibly fit Navy Seal perform a variety of push ups. We recommend that you perform the so-called regular and wide-armed variety because they are best for developing the Chest. When you’re finished, don’t forget to check out Venus Dimples, Part I of our Healthy Body Art series where we discuss and demonstrate how to acquire those healthy and sexy indentations in the lower back. I look forward, as usual, to your comments and feedback. Thanks. Dr. Garrett



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