Healthy Body Art (Part III)- Broad Shoulders


In “Healthy Body Art for the ‘Boys” & “Girls’ (Part I)”, Spanking FIT revealed how to obtain those sexy indentations in our lower backs known as “Venus dimples”. In Part II, we concentrated on gluteal exercises and how to become “butt beautiful”. In this segment, Part III, we explain how easy it is for women or men to achieve “broad shoulders”. It is no surprise that throughout antiquity, men have always to desired that broad-shouldered appearance.  Not only is it known to be a sexual turn-on for women, but it most certainly commands the respect of other men. In more recent times, some women are also seeking to broaden their shoulders, perhaps for the latter reason above.  Before we illustrate our recommended exercise set, let’s begin with a brief description of the muscles which comprise our shoulders and the important function each performs.

The Shoulder Muscles: Location & Function

The principal muscles that comprise the shoulder are the deltoids (anterior, medial, and major), the rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor and major), and the trapezius which is situated between the two above and the neck. We have provided diagrams below to illustrate their exact location, for those of you who are not Latin scholars:



The main deltoid muscle function is arm rotation. It also allows us to carry objects at a safe distance from our bodies.  It further prevents injury to our forearm bone, the humerus, whenever we carry heavy weights. The rotator cuff muscles, as the name implies, allow our shoulder to rotate and provide stability.  The trapezius muscle functions to move our shoulder blade and also provides support for our arm. Development of the above  set of muscles holds the key to achieving that desired broad-shouldered look.  Watch below as fitness trainer Scott Herman performs three simple exercises intended for sculpting and broadening shoulders. Caution: Beginners may wish to use less weight. You can also do as I do: Instead of using dumbbells, I work out with gallon jugs of bottled water on the way back from my afternoon run. Old-fashioned rowing exercises and pushups are another way to build up the shoulder muscles, especially the trapezius. It is also very important to balance this activity out with some groin protection exercises (see: “Prevent Groin Injury & Inguinal Hernia“; Spanking FIT, Oct. 2014, if you haven’t already.) Now for Scott:

Exercise I:  Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Exercise II: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Exercise III: Overhand-grip rear lateral raise

Hope all you “boys” and “girls” enjoyed watching the videos. Good luck in your goal at becoming a broad-shouldered beauty. Don’t forget to check out some more of our body art series, if you haven’t already, beginning with Part I: Venus Dimples. Thank you very much.  Sincerely,  Dr. Garrett

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