Healthy Body Art for the “Boys” & “Girls”-Part I


In “Should Tattooing Be Taboo?” Spanking FIT talked about known health hazards associated with tattooings and piercings including   bacterial and viral infections such as hepatitis. We explained further that the sexiest and healthiest body art is attainable naturally through physical exercise. Just read: “How to Safely Acquire Six Pack Abs“. Flat abs, tight butts, and naturally developed bosoms are far greater turn ons than the arrows, humming birds, and world map designs acquired at tattoo shops. In this piece, “Healthy Body Art for the Boys & Girls, Part I”, Spanking FIT explains how to acquire those sexy indentations in our lower back that are known as “Venus Dimples.” Just view Davey’s video below. In addition to acquiring this safe and natural “body art” as Davey has, you will strengthen your lower back and gluteus muscles, also.  They are vital in preventing chronic back pain, later in life. But, before you do, you need to do two important things to balance this exercise routine out and not injure yourself.  Keep in mind that balance is the key to preventing injury and strain  and; hence, in preventing reversal of the health benefits achieved through exercise. Follow the simple suggested exercises in  Spanking FIT‘s “Prevent Groin Injury & Inguinal Hernia” and when you’re finished,  perform lovely Christine’s lower back stretches below.  They’re terrific for preventing back injury, also!



Have you taken our advice so far? If so, now Davey is ready for you. He’s been described as: “Richard Simmons, only younger and good looking”. We believe you will find his demo lively and revealing:



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