“Happy July 4th” from Spanking FIT to You?


The framers of the American constitution, if alive today, would be appalled to learn that their future government  would grow this large and malignant, endangering public health & safety.

It’s been over six months since we launched our website Spanking FIT, a spanking new approach to health, medicine, fitness, etc. based on REAL Science. Using an iterative process of continual review and feedback from our readers, our goal is to evolve closer and closer toward scientific truth. In order to fulfill this goal, we pledged to maintain no government or commercial health industry ties. Spanking FIT desires to steer clear of politics at all times. (See: “About Us” for greater detail regarding our goals.)  Unfortunately, as those of you who have been following us know, my colleagues and I experienced last month a pernicious and recurring form of disruption that Spanking FIT readers and social media friends identified as possibly being U.S governmental in nature. (Read: “Does C.I.A. Torture U.S. Citizens Domestically?” for background.) My colleagues and I were “discouraged” from making a presentation to a group in Seattle on alternative medicine topics by persistent hammering on the floors and walls at night in our “first rate” hotel rooms. (Thanks to advanced Microsoft computer technology, we were able to meticulously record the sounds.) By investigating rather than running, we learned another appalling fact: elderly and disabled veterans are being tortured by sleep deprivation in a similar manner at the hotel on a long term basis. We provided them with as much relocation assistance as we possibly could, before being evicted ourselves by corporate hotel management. The reason given for the eviction was that we were “talking too much” to the other guests. Before the eviction, I was also the target of  a suspicious assault by a drug zombie probably on either heroin and/ or crystal meth. (I realize that many on social media believe that a close tie exists between U.S. Intel and drug cartels.)

Clearly, if governmental in origin, this behavior type represents a serious moral stain on our nation. The framers of the American constitution, if alive today,  would be appalled to learn that their future government would grow so large and malignant to be capable of such behavior. Join us this July Fourth (Independence Day) in calling for a return to constitutional behavior on the part of the American government, if it’s not too late. That includes meaningful reductions in the budgets of all intel agencies including N.S.A., C.I.A., D.I.A., D.E.A., S.E.M., V.F.T., C.G.L., P.A.F., Z.Q.V., N.G.R.,M.L.H., Q.R.T., etc., etc., etc.  Clearly, they are ruining the vision that our nation’s founders had, and the kind of America that most of us desire. As usual, I look forward to your feedback. Sincerely, Doctor Garrett

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