Healthy Body Art (Part II)- The “Butt”


In “Healthy Body Art for the ‘Boys’ & ‘Girls’-Part I”, Spanking FIT explained how it is possible for both women and men to naturally acquire through exercise those sexy indentations in their lower backs known as “Venus Dimples”. The same exercises also strengthen the lower back muscles. Here, in “Healthy Body Art for the ‘Boys’ & ‘Girls’-Part II”,  Spanking FIT explains an easy way to similarly improve the so-called “butt” muscles. We begin with a brief description of the muscles that comprise the “butt”, and explain the important function they play in human physiology.

What is the “butt” and why is it so important?

Call it whatever you like, the “arse”, “booty”, or “fanny”, let’s face it, the human butt is the object of intense sexual interest for women and men, “straight”, or otherwise. Being scientific researchers, we would like to be able to give you a straight- forward explanation as to why this is true.  However, despite numerous theories we reviewed, the reason the butt is so attractive remains an important unsolved mystery. (We say “important” because sex survey after sex survey indicates that both sexes expend a great deal of mental energy obsessing over it. Don’t sell a good butt short!)

What we refer to as our “butt”, is really a complicated inter-related array of muscles that consists of the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus (or simply the “glutes”), and the lateral rotation group that includes piriformis and obturators. We realize that this is a mouthful of Latin, so that’s the reason we provided diagrams of the glutes, which are the primary focus of development in our suggested exercise set.




Physiologically, additional “purposes” of the glutes are as follows: (1) they enable weight to be taken off the feet when seated (2) they allow us to better propel our bodies forward when walking and, (3) they assist us in standing upright.

Simple exercises for your glutes

In our video, fitness trainer Ben Greenfield illustrates three simple “butt” toning exercises:

(1)the bridge: in addition to exercising your glutes, it also involves the added hip adductors tensor fasciae which stabilize the pelvis.

(2) the kick out

(3) the lunge: works out the glutes, the “quads” (important muscles on front of thigh), and the “hamstrings” (muscles on back of thigh including biceps femoris which are illustrated below).


Now for the exercise video. Please excuse Ben’s tattoos which, although you may find attractive , are probably unhealthy body art, as we explained in “Should Tattooing be Taboo?“:

Hope you enjoyed watching the video. After performing these exercises, you are guaranteed to  acquire some healthy body art as you become “butt beautiful”.  Don’t forget to read: “Healthy Body Art for the ‘Boys” & “Girls’-Part I”, if you haven’t already. As usual, we look forward to your feedback.   Doctor Garrett

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