International Nude Beach Evaluation (Part I-A)


Last December Spanking FIT ran: “Male with Low T? Try Nude Sunbathing”. The website received overwhelming positive feedback from its readers, most of whom agreed with the hypothesis that nude sunbathing offers many health benefits for both women and men alike. Consequently, Spanking FIT has decided to undertake a comprehensive quasi-scientific evaluation of world-wide nude beaches focusing on health, safety, and enjoy-ability factors. As with many subjects that lie on the fringes of “social acceptance” in some parts of the world, it is very difficult to conduct rigorous scientific analysis. The subject of nudity is no exception. We begin with the North American continent:

Part I: Western North America                                                                                 (A) State of California, U.S.A.

Although the number of beaches in North America, and California in particular, where sunbathing au naturel is practiced is quite large, the number where it may currently be practiced legally is close to zero. In our evaluation, we have decided to focus on those beaches where law enforcement is believed to be lenient. As previously stated, each beach was evaluated using standards of health, safety, and enjoyment. (For those of you, especially men,  not familiar with potential medical health benefits of nude sunbathing, please first read: “Male With Low T? Try Nude Sunbathing“; Spanking FIT, Dec. 2014). Back to our nude beach evaluation: In the health category, we included such things as beach cleanliness, water cleanliness, and the absence of parasites including mosquitoes and sand flies. For safety, we include the risk of being a crime victim, and in those cases where nudity is illegal, the risk of being targeted by law enforcement. Enjoy-ability includes such factors as weather, the absence of gawkers, sociability of beach-goers, and level of physical fitness among participants (i.e. the “eye candy” factor). We begin with the State’s most famous and southern-most nude beach: “Black’s Beach”.


(1) Black’s Beach (Torrey Pine’s State Beach)

Located on the Torrey Pines State Reserve just north of La Jolla, this jewel of a beach is actually technically named “Torrey Pine’s State Beach”, although it is known throughout the world as “Black’s”. Although nudity is “freely tolerated” here (bear in mind that law-enforcement is capricious everywhere), actual nude legal status existed for only a few years in the 1970’s. A sign used to stand designating the end of the so-called “textile beach” and the beginning of the “free beach”, but that appears to have recently been taken down. Here’s how we rate Black’s from a health, safety, and enjoy-ability perspective:

Health (Grade “A”): As previously mentioned, this beach is part of the Torrey Pines Nature Preserve and tends to be quite clean partly due to official Park maintenance and the presence of volunteers who also help maintain it. Mosquitoes are virtually non-existent, and sand flies are easy to get away from. Just stay away from the sea weed deposits and dead fish. Beach-goers are usually quite conscientious regarding trash and picking up dog droppings. As far as water quality goes, it is quite reassuring to know that the San Onofre nuclear power plant north of here was recently closed due to earthquake concerns after the Fukushima disaster occurred in Japan. (Thank God it didn’t happen here!) Naturally, this has lessened concerns among the ecologically-minded regarding possible contamination from radioactive waste waters.

Safety (Grade “A-“): Black’s Beach is probably one of the safest clothing-optional California beaches for a couple of reasons: First, there’s the popularity factor. Although never crowded, there are always a fair number of visitors every day. Secondly, because of its history as a one-time legal nude beach and present social acceptance as such, Park Rangers unabashedly patrol it and keep an eye out for “trouble makers”. There is, however, one potential problem area. A few beach goers have taken it a step beyond nude sun bathing. They have decided to engage in “sex on the beach”. That activity tends to occur away from the shoreline and towards the sand dunes by the cliffs. Regardless of how you may personally feel about this, the beach patrol is intolerant, and a rather amusing “game of cat and mouse” takes place between the cops and “sexual outlaws”. From a safety perspective, it is prudent to stay away from all this nonsense.

Enjoy-ability (Grade “A+”): Due to the fabulous southern California weather and its relative distance from smog-smothered L.A., Black’s Beach is always enjoyable. The crowd can be quite friendly and even the surf champions participate on occasion. Beach participants, in general, tend to be above average in the physical fitness department. Gawkers are kept at a minimum because they are usually lazy and the nude section is not easily accessible by car. In other words, you need to do some hiking. This is just ideal for Spanking FIT readers who enjoy staying in-shape. Have fun!


(2) Baker Beach (San Francisco):

Health (Grade “B”) Although volunteers or so-called “friends” of the beach try to do their part to clean Baker, the beach unfortunately  can occasionally attract a few inconsiderates ranging from the very rich to the homeless variety, due to its close proximity to the city of San Francisco. (Those of you who are familiar with this City know that despite its many fabulous features, people do occasionally freely pull their pants down in public and defecate on sidewalks). In fact, the far end of Baker by the cliffs serves as sort of a public toilet. One consequence of this is heavy fly infestation. The water is inappropriate for bathing, even if it were clean, due to the fact that this part of the Pacific is cold and rough. (A whole bus load of tourists from Utah tragically perished several years ago trying to take a swim not too far from here). Don’t take any chances here!

Safety (Grade “B-“): Unlike Black’s in San Diego, Park rangers do not frequently patrol Baker. Of course, this means that you are not likely to be bothered by law enforcement for being nude. Nevertheless, exercise caution when using Baker.

Enjoy-ability (Grade “C”): Located not far from the home of Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, San Francisco), prepare for some of the most breath-taking views of the Golden Gate and nearby Marin County that money can buy. However, cold winds blast year-long and heavy fog blankets the Beach most of the year. Most of the time, it’s probably more appropriate to wear a winter coat than to go naked. Somehow that doesn’t seem to stop the locals from baring all. I don’t mean to mimic Mark Twain, but the coldest winter of my life was that summer day I visited Baker Beach.  Like the couple above, some beach goers tend to be young, cliquish, and overly impressed with themselves. They are, perhaps, representative of a segment of contemporary San Francisco life. (Don’t expect them to immediately accept you, unless you’re carrying a stash of marijuana or cocaine). Most are also disappointingly below average in the physical fitness arena , despite being Californians. (There are, of course, notable exceptions, like the same couple above.) Nevertheless, there is a significant problem with “gawkers”, as “differently” educated third world families, with generally unfavorable attitudes toward the exposed human body, tend to gather at the northern most part of the beach and gawk at the naked San Francisco “bohemians”. The inherent contradiction in this can be rather comical.


(3) Santa Cruz area beaches:

Santa Cruz County, California, including the City of Santa Cruz, was until last year one of the few counties in North America without an ordinance banning nude sunbathing. Ironically for some reason,  nude sun bathing was almost non-existent on city beaches even when it was legal. In fact, it is presently more common to see a woman wearing a sun bonnet and a single piece bathing suit than for her to be wearing a thong! That was not always the case in Santa Cruz. Over the years the town has been acquired by bourgeois and nouveau riche elements from all over the world. Some have brought their antiquated morality with them, thereby ruining an important part of Santa Cruz’s former natural beauty, in our opinion. (Don’t get me wrong, it is still one of the most beautiful places in the world!) However, in order to enjoy the company of other naturist beach goers and shed ones bathing suit, it’s necessary to travel several miles up along the California coastal highway to one of a handful of nude beaches including San Gregorio and Bonny Doon.

(a) San Gregorio Nude Beach (not to be confused with San Gregorio State Beach due south of it)

Health (Grade “A”): Clean and pristine. The quality of the people who use it, mostly residents of San Mateo County, tends to be high. Mosquitoes are virtually non-existent. Some sand flies due to seaweed and dead fish. Easy to avoid.

Safety (Grade “B+”): Because the beach is on private property, it’s okay to bare all here. The owners actually condone it. Bear in mind that it is not legal to be nude on any public San Mateo County beach. Criminal activity has also unfortunately increased here in recent years, and car break-ins especially have risen.

Enjoy-ability (Grade “A”): The beaches in San Mateo County north of Santa Cruz are often “fogged-in” in summertime. The best times to visit them are either in late September or early October. Sociability varies, but, in general, the crowd tends to be friendlier than in San Francisco, but less so than in San Diego. The same applies in the physical fitness (or “eye candy”) category. Homophobes probably should avoid it, because “gays” tend to feel extremely “comfortable” here. Overall, San Gregorio Nude Beach provides for an experience that you will enjoy and remember regardless of your sexual orientation. Remember, we are nudity advocates only, and do not currently advocate “sex on the beach”, despite comments from readers encouraging us in that direction. Keep up your feedback.  By the way, occasionally there are a few gawkers.

(b) Bonny Doon Beach: Further south on the Pacific Coast highway in the town of Bonny Doon and closer to Santa Cruz city.

Health (Grade “A”): Perhaps the most famous of the Santa Cruz County nude beaches, Bonny Doon rates high in the health area in a manner similar to San Gregorio Nude.

Safety (Grade “B+”): Because it’s in Santa Cruz County, it is now illegal to go naked, but few problems with law-enforcement have been reported. However, be aware that some homeless transients seem to hang out in the vicinity and may possibly live near the old rail road tracks. Car break-ins may also be problematic here.

Enjoy-ability (Grade “A-“): Same problem with the weather as with San Gregorio. Sociability and physical fitness levels about the same, except that the crowd does tend to bit a bit older on average. Also, occasional gawkers.

I sincerely hope that the information we provided in Part I-A is insightful. Now go on and see : Part B: Nude Beaches of the Pacific Northwest, including the U.S. state of Oregon and Canadian province of British Columbia. Also, you may check out; “Male With Low T ? Try Nude Sunbathing”; Spanking FIT, December 2014 on the subject of naturist health benefits and give me your feedback.  Sincerely,  Dr. Garrett

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